the Oxygen Kit

Benefits You Can Get From the Oxygen Kit

Adore Organic Innovation continues to innovate year after year. One of its anti-aging products is The Oxygen Kit, which promises to help improve the skin’s supply of oxygen. The kit consists of an Oxygen Booster Microdermabrasion Peeling Treatment, nourishing cream, and an Oxygen Booster Microdermabrasion Activator.adore_oxygen_booster kit


Not a lot of people know this, but oxygen is also important for one’s skin. Almost half of the oxygen content of one’s skin is lost by the time a person reaches the age of 25. As a person grows older, the skin becomes less efficient in renewing and repairing itself. This leads to slower cellular metabolism as well as the reduction of collagen levels. As a result, fine lines and spots appear. Air pollution, exposure to the sun, diet, and stress can make the skin look duller each day. With the use of the Oxygen Kit, you will be able to breathe new life to your skin.


The Oxygen Booster Microdermabrasion Peeling Treatment can temporarily stop the oxygen-carbon dioxide imbalance – In the skin by improving the supply of oxygen to the capillary cells. Once the skin cells get a fresh supply of oxygen, new skin cells are produced, and the skin will have a radiant glow. The Peeling Treatment of the Oxygen Kit is also based on the proprietary formula made by Adore. The company has perfected the Plant Stem Cell formula that can protect and renew the stem cells of the skin, as well as bolster the formation of new skin.


The Peeling Treatment has orange oil that soothes the skin and improves the skin’s texture and skin tone. It can also reduce inflammation. It also contains glycerin that moisturizes the skin and improves its elasticity.


The company recommends using the nourishing cream and Oxygen Booster Microdermabrasion Activator twice or three times a week. You just need to apply a small portion of the crystals to the face and massage it on the face. Be sure to massage it over all areas of the face. Then apply a couple of drops of the activator over the crystals. Massage it once again and then wash with warm water. Then use the nourishing cream by applying it to the face in a circular motion.


The Oxygen Kit is just one of the products from Adore Organic Innovation that can restore the youthful look and glow of one’s skin. The company’s formula of utilizing plant stem cells to protect human stem cells has produced great results, and that’s why consumers are happy with their products. The Oxygen Kit is recommended for people who want to improve the appearance of their skin by boosting the amount of oxygen in the skin. It complements all the other skin care products from Adore that includes toners, moisturizers, eye care products, and a lot more.