Skin Regeneration

The Potential of Skin Regeneration products to Combat Aging Effects

The effects of aging are sagging skin and wrinkle formation. As people advance in age, the stem cells, which facilitate skin regeneration, fail to produce enough collagen and elastin. Therefore, the skin loses its elasticity, and it starts sagging. The only solution to this problem is the regeneration of the stem cells so that they can continue producing enough collagen and elastin. You can achieve this using skin care products that contain stem cells formula, which rejuvenates the skin by enhancing the stem cell regeneration.14873609_s


According to research, aging process starts when the epidermal stem cells lose their ability to self-renew. Thereby, they fail to replace the dead cells on the skin. However, it is possible to rejuvenate the skin cells by restoring the stem cells capacity to replace the dead cells. It is possible to restore the function of the stem cells by using skin regeneration production. If you apply a stem cell formula on your skin, the formula can penetrate the skin and restore the normal functioning of the skin cells.


Notably, research shows that amino-peptide stimulates the collagen and elastin formation. Therefore, you can stimulate skin regeneration by restoring the amino-peptide. In addition, the skin requires hyaluronic acid for hydration purposes. Aging process limits the production of hyaluronic acid, and that is why the skin becomes dry when wrinkles appear. The best solution to this problem is to promote skin renewal through rejuvenation of peptides and hyaluronic acid excretion.


In most cases, jawline, eyes, and the neckline show the effects of aging. In fact, most anti-aging treatment fails to rejuvenate the skin in these three areas because they are the ones mostly affected by the loss of collagen on the skin. However, using stem cell formula can get rid of the wrinkles in these areas because it penetrates to the inner layer of the skin. Consequently, the formula facilitates the skin regeneration from within.


The stem cells formula comes from a biotechnology process that extracts the stem cells from plants and puts them in cosmetic. Therefore, when you apply the formula, it penetrates into the skin. In addition to the skin regeneration benefits, the formula delays the aging process because it maintains an active stem cell activity. Furthermore, the formula protects the skin from ultra violet damage cause by the UV rays. In other words, the formula generates new stem cells and assist the old cells rejuvenate.    


If you want to achieve ultimate skin regeneration, you can use cosmetic products that contain a blend of anti-aging formula, essential oils, organic extracts and vegetable proteins. In this case, you will have a well-rejuvenated skin with firm elasticity and collagen production.